EXPEC always insists on providing comprehensive support to our agents to ensure that they serve customers better.

The EXPEC 3700 GC-MS is designed to provide accurate and reliable results in a variety of scientific applications. The instrument combines gas chromatography with mass spectrometry to separate, identify and quantify complex mixtures of compounds.
It adopts inert ion source and all-metal molybdenum pre-quadrupole and main quadrupole design to improve the stability and reliability of the instrument under long-term operation. It can be widely used in many fields such as environmental monitoring, food safety, petrochemical industry, etc.
EXPEC's professional team provided detailed guidance to our agents, including instrument setup, calibration and operation, as well as daily cleaning and maintenance of the instrument.
Through this interactive training, agents gain a comprehensive understanding of the instrument's capabilities and learn how to optimize its performance for different analytical requirements.
At EXPEC, we remain committed to building strong partnerships with our agents and continuing to equip them with the tools they need to succeed.
EXPEC encourages customers and agents to come to our company for relevant training and effectively use the performance of EXPEC analytical instruments.