Aldehyde and ketone carbonyl compounds are a class of important pollutants in the ambient air. They are detected in water, soil and sediment, especially in the atmosphere and other media in my country and many countries and regions in the world. In recent years, with the continuous increase in the use of cars, the problem of volatile organic compounds in cars, especially the volatilization of aldehydes and ketones in car interior parts, has attracted the attention of relevant regulatory authorities. In July 2022, the application center cooperated with the project team of Changchun Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute to carry out the content detection project of various aldehydes and ketones in automotive interior parts. The project fund is supported by the State Administration for Market Regulation's science and technology plan project "Research on the liquid mass method inspection and detection of volatile organic compounds aldehydes and ketones in automotive interior parts".

The mass production and use of automobiles cannot avoid the use of automotive interior parts. In order to meet the needs of consumers, car companies have further optimized the interior materials and the airtightness of the compartment. Although this measure caters to consumer demand, it also Make it difficult for air pollutants in the car to diffuse. In a closed car compartment, if the content of aldehydes and ketones exceeds the standard , not only can be directly inhaled by people through breathing, posing a threat to health, but also can be volatilized into the air, and then enter the soil, water, etc. through the ecological cycle, causing ecological pollution. The ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-triple quadrupole mass spectrometry method has strong anti-interference ability, can eliminate the interference of unknown components in the sample matrix, give the structural information of the analyte, and improve the sensitivity and accuracy of the analysis. Therefore, this application center chooses to use ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-triple quadrupole mass spectrometry to quickly, efficiently and accurately detect aldehydes and ketones in automotive interiors.

Experimental part


Table 1 Liquid chromatography tandem triple quadrupole mass spectrometer

Reagents and Standards

  • Reagents: mass spectrometry grade ammonium acetate (CNW), chromatography grade acetonitrile (Merck);
  • Pure water: 18.2 MΩ·cm deionized water (25°C);
  • Standards: 16 aldehydes and ketones were purchased from Tianjin Alta.

Experimental results

Figure 3 MRM overlay chromatograms of 16 aldehydes and ketones in 10ng/ml concentration standard


Take a blank sample, add a certain amount of aldehyde and ketone compound standard substance, and pre-treat with the preparation method of the test solution. The spiked concentration of aldehydes and ketones in the blank sample matrix after pretreatment is 100ng/mL, and the peak area of aldehydes and ketones is substituted into the standard working curve to calculate the concentration, and the ratio of the calculated concentration to the spiked concentration is the recovery rate .
The total ion chromatogram of each compound in the spiked sample (100ng/mL) is shown in the figure below:

When the spiked concentration is 100 ng/mL, the spiked recoveries of various aldehydes and ketones are shown in the table below:

Table 3 The recovery rate of 16 kinds of aldehydes and ketones

Test sample

The established method was used to detect the actual sample 1 and sample 2, and the detection information of each aldehyde and ketone compound was as follows:


Using liquid chromatography-triple quadrupole mass spectrometer to analyze 16 kinds of aldehydes and ketones volatilized in automobile interior parts, the content of 16 kinds of aldehydes and ketones has good linearity within the detection range, and the correlation coefficient r is greater than 0.9960. The method The precision was within 3.00%, the detection line of acetaldehyde-DNPH was the lowest among the 16 aldehydes and ketones, and the sensitivity could reach 0.018ng/ml. The results show that the liquid chromatography-triple quadrupole mass spectrometry system can be used for sensitive and accurate quantitative detection of 16 volatile aldehydes and ketones in automotive interior parts.


Equipment and Consumables Solutions

1.EXPEC 5210 configuration details

2. Standard products