In order to support the China-Cambodia "Belt and Road" food industry joint laboratory project, the China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute purchased SUPEC 7000 ICP-MS and EXPEC 5210 LC-MSMS mass spectrometers from EXPEC and donated them to Cambodia to support the development of Cambodia.

EXPEC's equipment will be used to analyze and identify trace elements and contaminants in food and environmental samples, as well as analyze complex organic molecules in drug development. With the support of EXPEC instruments, Cambodian scientists will be able to conduct more precise and comprehensive research, bringing new discoveries and innovations.
As a leader in the instrument industry, EXPEC Technology also sends engineers to Cambodia to provide free installation and training support. This will ensure that Cambodian scientists and technicians can make full use of the equipment and apply it effectively in research.
This donation from China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute is a powerful example of international cooperation to support economic development. It also highlights the growing relationship between China and Cambodia, with the two countries working together to promote economic growth and regional connectivity.
EXPEC wishes the China-Cambodia “One Belt, One Road” project a smooth development and will contribute to it!