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ICP-MS 7000

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry

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1. Can the Ion exchange system do nuclide separation? Can it do valence state? How long does an ion exchange column last? Can it be reused?

The ion exchange system can not only do conventional elements, but also rare earth elements, nuclides and valence states. However, it should be noted that if for valence state, it is suitable for the sample type with high matrix concentration and low concentration of analyte elements. Because the advantage of ion exchange is that it can automatically remove the matrix and enrich the target elements. For cleaner matrix, it is more efficient to use IC or LC. At present, we have developed analytical methods for trivalent chromium and hexavalent chromium ion exchange.
The ion exchange column can be reused, Generally, it is ok to use it repeatedly for dozens of times. If it needs to be replaced, the instrument will send out an alarm prompt in advance.

2. How is SUPEC 7000 configure when analyzing high salt samples?

Reply: When analyzing a large number of ore, seawater, soil and other high salt samples, it is recommended to configure SCOTT atomization chamber, one compensation gas, one argon gas on-line dilution system, high salt sampling cone, high salt interception cone, and high salt atomizer.

3. When analyzing the soil, must it be equipped with a hydrofluoric acid resistant sampling system?

Reply: It is not required. If there is acid removal after digestion, you can use the standard quartz sampling system. If there is no acid removal, it still needs to be equipped with this.

4. What elements are generally used in the internal standard in the analysis?

Reply: Generally we use Li、Sc、Ge、Y、Rh、Re、Bi, there are several principles for internal standard selection: (1)The liquid to be tested does not contain; (2)The mass number is similar to that of the element to be measured, and the physical and chemical properties are similar; (3) Low content in nature.

5. It is required to match a UPS?

Reply: UPS prevents sudden power failure from damaging the turbomolecular pump, and prevents high voltage input from burning out the ICP source and circuit board.

6. When is a platinum cone needed?

Reply: Platinum cone is required when sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, perchloric acid, and organic oxy-combustion injection are used.

7. How long is the pump oil replaced? How much Litre is standard?

Reply: Generally replaced once every 6 months, for standard is 2L, where 0.5L is used to clean the chamber of the pump, the remaining 1.5L was poured into the pump for normal use.

8. What is the function of your smart dilution system? What is the difference with the argon online dilution system?

Reply: The function of these two parts are completely different.
The argon online dilution system acts on the sample aerosol and dilutes the aerosol with argon;
The main function of the intelligent dilution system is that it can automatically dilute the samples whose concentration exceeds the standard according to the linear range, and then inject the sample for analysis, and then automatically prepare the standard song, which is aimed at the sample solution itself.

9. How does your rapid sample injection speed up the analysis speed?

The analysis time of a single sample is usually equal to =①cleaning time +②sample transmission time in the pipeline +③instrument analysis time, and ①② accounts for the vast majority of the entire analysis time, but it is unavoidable. So if you wanna increase the sample analysis speed, you can start by shortening the time of ①②.
The rapid injection system developed by EXPEC, when the current samples are being analyzed, The system simultaneously cleans the liquid storage ring and prepares for the next sample. After the current sample analysis is completed, quickly put the next sample into the sampling system, which greatly shorten the time of ①②. According to estimates, the rapid sample injection system can shorten the entire analysis time by more than 50%.

10.The life time of consumables, such as torch, sample cone, interception cone and central tube

Reply: The life time of all consumables will be depended on the customer’s frequency using and cleaning and maintenance. If the instrument is used a lot, customer should pay attention to cleaning and maintenance at ordinary times. It is no problem to use these consumables for a year or longer. The following table gives some reference information(The premise is that the machine is turned on for 8 hours a day).

11. Which parts of EXPEC ICP-MS need attention and maintenance? What are the maintenance measures?

Reply: Nebulizer capillary, spray chamber, torch, double cone, pump tube.
① Regularly check the capillary in the nebulizer to see if there are white deposits or if it is clogged. If it is clogged, take measures immediately, such as argon gas backflushing or dredging with hair. Please note do not take the nebulizer for ultrasonic treatment;
② The spray chamber is regularly soaked in acid, soaked in 20% nitric acid or soapy water overnight, rinsed with ultra-pure water, and dried before use;
③ The torch can be removed and soaked in 20% nitric acid, rinsed with ultra-pure water, and dried before use;
④ The maintenance of double cones is more critical, and very important. The maintenance frequency is determined according to the sample volumn and use frequency, Specifically, 2% nitric acid and ultrapure water can be used to wipe the cone hole and the surrounding area in sequence. It can also be placed in a beaker for short-term (within 5min) ultrasound. Clean and dry it with dust-free paper, and then install and put into use.
⑤ Pump tube: Usually after use to release the pump clip in time, the acidity or salinity of the injection solution should not be too high; It is necessary to observe the appearance of the pump tube regularly, and replace it in time if there is wear and tear.