We are very pleased to share with you the important news about the strategic cooperation agreement signed between EXPEC and SGS!

This cooperation is a powerful witness of advanced technology application, instrument industry empowerment and independent ecological development. As a leader whose business covers multiple industries, SGS has been committed to providing customers with professional services. Relying on the quality and efficiency of the instrument, EXPEC Technology won the confidence of SGS in the early trial evaluation, laying a solid foundation for this strategic cooperation.

This cooperation will bring more opportunities and possibilities for both parties. EXPEC Technology's independent products can be applied and verified in SGS high-standard laboratories, which not only brings development opportunities for EXPEC Technology, but also further improves our product technology level and service quality. We will work together with SGS to provide more high-quality products for its high-standard laboratories, better meet the needs of its scientific instruments, and jointly promote the development of SGS's future business.

In this cooperation, we will give full play to our respective advantages, carry out technology sharing and resource integration. Through customized services, we will provide high-quality products for SGS's testing and certification business to help its business continue to grow.

Looking forward to the future, EXPECTechnology will continue to devote itself to empowering third-party testing institutions, including many institutions represented by SGS. We will continue to strengthen technical investment and service support, promote high-quality new development in the field of inspection and testing, and contribute to the innovation and progress of the industry.

Let us look forward to the bright future of close cooperation between EXPEC Technology and SGS!

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