Recently, the acceptance meeting of the criminal technology "Double Ten Plan" project "Research and Application of Key Equipment for Physical and Chemical Inspection Mobile Detection Based on Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Technology" led by the Identification Center of the Ministry of Public Security was successfully held at EXPEC Technology.

The meeting was attended by personnel from the Identification Center of the Ministry of Public Security, criminal police officers, criminal investigation technical engineers from many places, the Forensic Science Society, and the chairman and technical staff of EXPEC.
At the meeting, the chairman of EXPEC welcomed the arrival of the project acceptance expert group and gave an overall introduction and outlook on the development of EXPEC technology. The deputy director briefly introduced the project background, main research tasks and project results.
The Ministry of Public Security and the Public Security and Criminal Police also reported on the project goals and completion status, including actual demonstration applications.
The acceptance expert group reviewed the project acceptance report, achievement report and other materials, recognized the relevant project results, and agreed that the project developed domestic vehicle-mounted ICP-MS, LC-MS/MS, GC-MS, IC and other instruments and equipment. The respective technical indicators such as sensitivity, detection limit, mass resolution, etc. all meet the requirements of the mission statement, realizing the integration of domestic vehicle-mounted chromatography and mass spectrometry detection equipment, breaking through the technical bottleneck of vehicle use of related equipment, and providing vehicle-mounted instruments and equipment under extreme conditions. Conducted in-depth exchanges with the project team on issues such as application reliability, maintenance in harsh environments, and rationality of water and electrical systems.
The valuable opinions and suggestions put forward by the expert group from the perspective of practical application around the project are of great significance to the subsequent technology development and application promotion of related equipment.
In the future, EXPEC Technology will strive to seize the opportunities for technological innovation and high-quality development, promote the deep integration of scientific research and industry, promote the localization and specialization of scientific instruments, and assist the high-quality development of public security criminal technology and other fields.