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GC-MS 3700


Inheritance to the classic workstation without changing the usage habits

Self-developed high-precision analytical quadrupole

Durable and highly-sensitive detector

Ultra-stable liquid injection port

Ultra-high precision electronic flow controller (EPC)

Outstanding human-machine interaction experience



EXPEC 3700 gas chromatography-quadrupole mass spectrometer (GC-MS) of Hangzhou EXPEC Technology Co., Ltd. is a laboratory bench type device independently developed by the team based on their more than 20 years of experience in mass spectrometry research and development. EXPEC 3700 GC-MS is featured by the ultra-inert sample flow path, the high-precision gas path control and analysis quadrupole, and the durable and highly sensitive detector, which ensures its stable and efficient quality.

By inheriting the classic software and hardware operating habits, the EXPEC 3700 GC-MS is easy to use, preventing the user from re-learning, saving time, and focusing more on obtaining accurate analysis results efficiently. Relying on the reliable materials, reasonable structural design and complete system testing, the EXPEC 3700 GC-MS has excellent mobile properties. With the ultra-efficient capacity to create a vacuum environment, the EXPEC 3700 GC-MS can easily adapt to the diversified application scenarios in addition to the laboratory, such as the online, vehicle-mounted, and EXPEC 3700 GC-MS Gas Chromatography-Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer navigation scenarios, achieving multiple purposes by one machine.


Applications in laboratory and vehicle-mounted scenarios

  • With the excellent anti-seismic design, the EXPEC 3700 GC-MS is easy to be deployed on the vehicle, free from the impact of bumps on the analysis results
  • A vacuum environment can be created in an ultra-efficient manner for immediate measurement after the parking, saving the valuable time

Enrich the sampling system with high-adaptability connection

GC-MS 3700 used with EXPEC 236 headspace autosampler
GC-MS 3700 used with Automatic liquid sampler

Enrich the industry applications and facilitate the scientific research and exploration in laboratory

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