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GC 2000

Gas Chromatograph

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Instrument parameters and configuration

1. What is the pressure control accuracy of EXPEC's gas chromatograph?

Reply: It can reach 0.001 psi, which is the same as that of Agilent.

2. What is the quantitative accuracy?

Reply: Our FID detection limit is at the same level as Agilent 8860, 8860 is less than 3×10-12 g C/s, ours is less than 5×10-12 g C/s; FPD is less than 1.2×10-13 g/s (P), 4.4×10-12 g/s (S); ECD is 3.2×10-14 g/ml.

3. Can the host display screen adjust the parameters?

Reply: By default, only the temperature of the column oven can be adjusted, and other functions can be opened if need.

4. Is the entire gas path inertized?

Reply: The inlet port, interface and detector all have inert processing.


1. Are the acquisition software and analysis software integrated?

Reply: The acquisition software and analysis software are controlled separately.  

2. Is the data collected by the collection software stored in the form of a single sample or in the form of a database?

Reply: Data are stored as single samples.

Accessories and consumables parts

1. How many samples can be injected at one time?

Reply: We have two injection port positions, and the liquid sampler can support up to 150 positions.

Industry applications

1. What applications can we do in terms of food and medicine?

Reply: At present, our gas chromatograph is generally used for solvent residues, traditional Chinese medicine and pesticide residues.

2. What applications do we do in agriculture?

Reply: For organophosphorus and organochlorine, use FPD and ECD detectors.