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GC 2000


Ultra-stable liquid injection port

Ultra-high-precision electronic pressure controller (EPC)

World-class column oven

User-friendly workstation software

Excellent human-computer interaction experience

Supporting multiple detector options (up to four at the same time)


A trustworthy partner

The new-generation GC2000 gas chromatograph is benchmarked against international leading brands, and the instrument adopts advanced electronic flow control, microfluidic plate control, high-precision independent temperature control and other technologies to meet the user's requirements for strong analytical capabilities and reliable stability.

A smart application expert near you

The new-generation GC2000 has intelligent functions such as self-diagnosis, self-leak detection, self-saving of carrier gas, automatic reminders, etc., which help you easily grasp the instrument status and solve problems quickly. It can be matched with various pretreatment equipment such as solid phase microextraction, headspace, liquid sampler, etc. to meet your needs for more application expansion.

User-friendly workstation software

  • The workstation software inherits the classic
    operation interface, and the users do not need
    to change their usage habits.
  • The batch function can automatically perform
    statistical analysis on the sample data and
    draw sample trend charts.

GC 2000 used with EXPEC 236 headspace autosampler


Environment and health

NMTH analysis solutions

According to the HJ 604 and HJ 38 standards of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, a unique built-in self-priming sampling system, dual-channel single-FID detection, and post-run automatic reverse pipeline cleaning are adopted for the instrument, which is suitable for the determination of NMTHs in ambient air and waste gas from stationary pollution sources.

VOC analysis solutions

According to HJ 759 of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and related standards, 116 volatile organic compounds in the ambient air are determined using the atmospheric pre concentration system for injection, double columns and heart cutting, and FID and MS dual channels for detection. This solution can achieve perfect cutting of low carbon components without oven cooling.

Food safety

Multi-residue analysis solutions for pesticides in vegetables and fruits

According to NY/T761 of the Ministry of Agriculture and related standards, the dual-tower liquid autosampler is used for sample injection, and FPD and ECD dual-column dual-channel detection is used to de t e rmine the multipl e r e s idue s of organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides in vegetables and fruits, which is an efficient solution to truly realize multiple purposes with a single instrument.

Multiple pesticide residue analysis solutions for food

According to GB 23200.113, a triple quadrupole tandem mass spectrometer is used to analyze 208 pesticide residues and their metabolites in plant-derived foods. Ultra-deactivated flow paths, especially injection ports with ultra-deactivated surface treatment, keep chromatographic peaks of highly active organophosphorus pesticides still sharp and sensitive, and greatly reduce matrix effects of samples.

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