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ICP-OES 6000

Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer

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1. How to choose the model?

Reply: EXPEC 6500’s universality is the best and can meet the needs of all ICP related industries (except Cl, Br). When the element content is greater than 1%, and the precision requirement is high -we recommend EXPEC 6500D, such as lithium battery cathode material; EXPEC 6000 generally used for metal, ore and other high content, high salt industry.

2. What is the difference between EXPEC 6500 / 6000?

6500 hardware configuration
(1) The power supply is greater
(2) Front optical path attenuation module 
(3) Second generation detector
(4) Front optical path semi-reflective and semi-transmissive module (optional)
 6500 software function
(1) 8h ultra-long stability, no need to correct the marking line during the sample measurement 
(2) Intelligent attenuation of the optical path, no need for graded dilution
(3) iStandby (ultra-low power standby), reducing argon consumption
(4) Simultaneous two-way observation, get axial/radial data at the same time
(5) Rich extended functions, including fast sample injection, intelligent dilution, speciation analysis, etc.

3. What concentration range can ICP measure?

Reply: The marked line solubility of ICP is generally at the level of ppb to hundreds of ppm.

4. What are the consumables?

Spare parts: nebulizer, spray chamber, central tube, torch, spray chamber connecting pipe, as long as they are not bumped, they will basically not be damaged.
Consumables: Peristaltic pump sample tube/waste tube, standard non-flared, 12 pieces/pack,
if the instrument is used frequently on a daily basis, the customer should replace it once about half a month to a month. The torch is a slow consumable product, the greater the salt content, the faster the damage. For metal analysis, it willbe damaged quickly, for food and water take a little longer, and it will not be damaged for five years.

5.Vertical torch(EXPEC 6500D) VS Horizontal torch(EXPEC 6000D)

The vertical torch is more salt resistant and has a long torch life.

6. Start-up time of the ICP-OES

Reply: For cold start (start after complete power failure), you need to wait for the temperature of the optical chamber to be constant and the detector to cool down. The start-up time is about 30 minutes. The focal length of our optical chamber is only 380mm, the volume of the optical chamber is small, and the constant temperature is fast. If it is turned on from the standby state, it can be used immediately, and the sample can be tested after ignition.

7. The advantages of EXPEC ICP-OES

(1) Full-spectrum direct reading, all elements can be measured in one exposure, and will not increase with the increase of the number of elements. (2) Real-time spectral line calibration, built-in neon lamp calibration, long-term running without spectral line drift, and no need to use standard solution calibration every three months, or manually adjust the light path. (3) The stability of EXPEC 6500 can reach less than 1% for 8 hours.

8. Light chamber constant temperature

Reply: The constant temperature of the optical chamber is to ensure the stable operation of the optical device. Under normal circumstances, 36°C, 37°C, and 38°C all are ok, and there is no distinction between good and bad.

9. What gas does ICP-OES need to use?

Reply: 99.999% argon, 40L of argon can burn for about 5 hours. The organic sampling system needs to add a bottle of oxygen, the using volumn is very small, 8L can be used for 50h.