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ICP-OES 6000

Applicable field(EXPEC 6000 Type D) Horizontal torch for dual observation

It is suitable for fields requiring high sensitivity, featuring the great universality

Applicable field(EXPEC 6000 Type R) Vertical torch for radial observation

It is suitable for applications with complex matrices, such as metal, oil, geological and mineral samples


The inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer of EXPEC 6000 series is a new fullspectrum direct-reading ICP-OES product launched by Hangzhou EXPEC Technology Co., Ltd. Based on years of experience in the development of spectral instruments, incorporating the highreliability radio frequency power supply, stable constant temperature two-dimensional spectrophotometer system spectroscopic system, high-speed CCD sensor for refrigeration and antispill design, easy-to-use torch chamber and sampling system, and combining with the original FSC spectral correction technology, thus providing stable performance and good experience for users.


Stable classic optical system

◆ Classical echelle two-dimensional spectroscopic system
◇ Thermal balance optical chamber with rapid response and constant temperature ensures the
instrument stability
◇ The distributed sealed argon filling design based on fluid mechanics simulation enables the optical
system to quickly create a high-purity argon atmosphere, and realize ultraviolet analysis, saving time
and argon
◇ The semi-isolated design of the host and the optical system balances the heat exchange, helping the
optical system accommodate the changes in the external environment
◇ Vehicle applications, stable and reliable
◇ Patented FSC real-time drift correction algorithm for micro-drift correction
◆ Back-illuminated high-speed CCD acquisition device
◇ High UV response, requiring no UV fluorescent coating
◇ Megapixels for a high-resolution experience
◇ Three-stage TEC refrigeration design, reduce noise and obtain better dynamic range
◇ Professional anti-spill design, allowing to analyze the high and low contents simultaneously

Stable and reliable full-digital self-excited all-solid-state RF power supply

◆ Brand-new frequency conversion design to realize
automatic matching of plasma loads
◆ Self-excited RF power supply, providing a wider power
◆ Water-cooled design, rapid heat dissipation, effectively
improving reliability
◆ Internal power and temperature interlocking protection
◆ Power stability < 0.1%

Stable sampling system

◆ Multi-channel mass flow controller, precisely controlling argon in each channel, with a control
accuracy of 0.01 L/min, thus ensuring the stability of measurement data
◆ High-precision 12-rotor 4-channel peristaltic pump ensures stable sample injection, allowing to add
internal standard solution, and standard addition solution as required, which is conducive to the
analysis of complex samples
◆ Full-split torch, self-collimating installation mode, suitable for different applications, only requiring to
replace the center tube, greatly reducing the costs

Stable and efficient Element V software system

◆ A complete method library is used as the basis, reducing the time for users to find new methods
◆ Rich processing techniques, supporting various analysis methods such as the standard addition
method, internal standard method, qualitative and semi-quantitative, interfering element correction, etc.
◆ Patented self-adaptive integration algorithm, achieving better sensitivity for both high and low
◆ With powerful extension functions, it interfaces with the automatic sampling, sequential sampling,
and database systems, to meet the analysis and testing needs of modern laboratories
◆ Remote support

Full-automatic heavy metal analysis system

◆ Scalable full-automatic sample pretreatment system, with high throughput, and easy to detect a large
number of samples
◆ People-oriented, protecting health and saving time
◆ Scalable online continuous monitoring



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