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Pre 4000


CO2 &H2O management technology

Precision sampling technology

Automated system leak detection

Flexible internal standard injection

Humanized intelligent software


The Pre 4000 Atmospheric Pre-Concentrator adopts a three-stage cold trap design, combined with innovative Stirling refrigeration technology, does not need to consume liquid nitrogen or liquid CO2, is easy to operate, stable and reliable, and can perfectly replace liquid nitrogen refrigeration, It provides a new solution for the detection of trace multi-component VOCs.

Pre 4000


  • CO2 &H2O management technology

The first-level cold trap removes water at low temperature without losing VOCs. The second-level cold trap has special packing that effectively removes CO2, O2, and N2 while capturing VOCs.

  • Precision sampling technology

The combination of a high-precision mass flow meter and a diaphragm vacuum pump is used. Compared with the pressure control sampling method, it has the advantages of larger sampling volume, is not affected by ambient temperature, and is more accurate.

Three-level technology that takes multiple measures at the same time

The third level is -180℃ capillary empty tube. Low temperature achieves efficient focusing, empty tube achieves micro-flow desorption, and unique closed rotary valve technology seals both ends of the cold trap while simultaneously heating the cold trap and inlet pressure, splitless pulse injection during desorption, low band broadening, high sensitivity

  • Automated system leak detection

The atmospheric preconcentrator can detect leaks in the system through pressurization or vacuum to ensure the airtightness of the system. The entire process is automated and the system prompts the leak detection results.

  • Flexible internal standard injection

The instrument adopts a rotating control screen design, which makes it easy to view the real-time status of the instrument and perform quick inspections.

  • Humanized intelligent software

Can switch between laboratory sequence mode and online timing mode; automatically record the temperature and pressure flow operation trend diagram of each sample for traceability and tracking; when operation is abnormal, SMS will report to the user.


Environmental monitoring, emergency monitoring, occupational health, food processing, public health, scientific research

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