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Pre 3900


Rapid cooling

High throughput

Wide injection concentration

Precise sampling control

Friendly human-computer interaction

Analytical efficiency


The three-stage cold trap design is adopted, and the temperature of the cold trap can be quickly reduced to -196°C by using liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant. With intelligent algorithm control, the consumption of liquid nitrogen is reduced. All sample streams adopt inertization treatment, suitable for the analysis of trace multi-component VOCs in the atmosphere.

Pre 3900


  • Rapid cooling

Liquid nitrogen flows directly to the cold trap, which can quickly cool to -196°C. Intelligent temperature control algorithm saves liquid nitrogen consumption.

  • High throughput

11 sampling positions are standard, and 3 additional 16-bit automatic samplers can be configured to support up to 59 canisters.

  • Wide injection concentration

The sampling method can be a quantitative loop or a vacuum canister, and the injection volume is 1-1500mL, which can be flexibly responded to.

  • Precise sampling control

Using a high-precision proportional valve combined with a vacuum canister for sampling, there is no need to worry about the impact of the sample matrix on the sampling.

  • Friendly human-computer interaction

The instrument adopts a rotating control screen design, which makes it easy to view the real-time status of the instrument and perform quick inspections.

  • Analytical efficiency

Automatic calculation of aging, cooling, and GC waiting times, single analysis process ≤30min


Environment, Food, Material, Forensic, etc.

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