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Dynamic homogenization

Multi-effect cleaning mode

Fully enclosed design

Intelligent terminal


EXPEC 560 Automatic Homogenizer is an automatic equipment specially designed for sample preparation such as homogeneous extraction, tissue dispersion, and biological sample cracking in various laboratories. It can process up to 36 samples in batches, eliminating the tedious manual operations, widely used in sample pretreatment in food safety, medicinal material testing, grain testing, environmental monitoring and other fields.



  • Automation

One-button start, automatic identification of the sample tray, the program setting automatically completes the switching of a maximum of 36 samples.

Homogenization and cleaning of the cutter head are carried out automatically, without personnel on duty and intervention in the whole process.

  • Dynamic homogenization

During the homogenization process, the homogenizing knife head can move up and down to enhance the homogenization effect, and the program

automatically lowers the knife head to an appropriate height for rotating homogenization according to the volume of the extraction liquid.

  • Multi-effect cleaning mode

Aqueous phase cleaning, organic phase cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, 360° all-round spray cleaning of the cutter head, and flexible selection of cleaning combinations to prevent cross-contamination between samples.

  • Fully enclosed design

The closed design of the whole machine, the transparent protective door is not only convenient for observing the homogenization process, but also caneffectively isolate the noise. It is equipped with an exhaust fan to centrally discharge the volatile organic gases generated in the system, reducing the health impact on the experimental operators.

  • Intelligent terminal

The homogenization method can be edited and saved according to the standard method requirements, and the method can be called to run with one key, and the running status can be displayed in real time. It can automatically stop and alarm to avoid abnormal speed and other conditions that affect the experimental results and use safety.


Can be used with GC-MS/LC-MSMS/GC-MSMS

  • Food safety

Pretreatment of food additives, mycotoxins and other homogeneous

  • Agricultural product testing

Pretreatment of organic items such as pesticide residues and veterinary drug residues

  • Biomedicine

Homogeneous extraction and cell disruption of samples in life sciences and pharmaceutical fields

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