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Various sampling modes

Dual channel design

Leak-proof design

Low adsorption design



Once the canister is in place on the instrument, the flow rate is controlled by the atmospheric pressure differential. The sample enters the canister and the sample is collected. Its instantaneous sampling and constant current sampling modes are switched as required.



  • Various sampling modes
    Unique flow path design, when the environmental concentration exceeds the threshold, instantaneous sample retention is completed within 60 seconds; constant flow sampling is also available, with a flow rate of 0.2~500mL/min, meeting the sampling time requirements of HJ 759
  • Dual channel design
    Dual channels can be turned on at the same time to achieve parallel sampling, or when one channel is sampling, the other channel can be replaced to achieve no blind spot sampling
  • Leak-proof design
    When the instrument is on standby, the rotary valve is in a closed state to prevent micro-leakage in the flow path, which may cause changes in the vacuum degree of the canister.
    canister pressure drop ≤0.01kPa/day, ensuring data quality
  • Low adsorption design
    All flow paths are inertized and heat-traced, resulting in low adsorption, low residue, and low cross-contamination.
  • Software friendly
    Android system, easy to operate and refreshing interface
  • Support optional
    Standard configuration is 8 sampling bits, which can also be expanded to 16 sampling bits
  • Automated leak detection
    Leak detection through negative pressure of canister
  • Data traceability
    A code scanner can be configured to bind the sampling information to the canister to facilitate traceability from sampling to injection.


Can be used with Pre 4000

Environmental monitoring, emergency monitoring, occupational health, public health, scientific research.

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