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EXPEC 2100 C type


GC-MS International analysis method Conformance to industrial standard


The Online Monitoring System for Volatile Organic Compounds in Water, based on the GC-MS analysis method, integrates fully automatic functions such as water collection, purging and capturing, sample analysis, data collection and transmission, quality control, etc. It is widely used in the fields of drinking water sources, surface water, groundwater, municipal sewage, and industrial wastewater, achieving real-time and online monitoring of volatile organic compounds in various water bodies from ppm to ppb level, and achieves timely warning.


GC-MS: Water Quality - Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds - Purge and Trap/Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometer (HJ 639)

Fast mass spectrometry analysis speed: The mass spectrometry scanning rate reaches 10,000 u/s, which greatly enhances the sample analysis speed and meets the needs of online monitoring to quickly provide monitoring results

Multiple monitoring indicators: the detection range of mass number reaches 18-650 u, which can monitor at least 56 volatile organic compounds in water and unknown substances

Excellent qualitative and quantitative analysis capabilities of mass spectrometry: Using a three-dimensional ion trap as the mass analyzer of the portable mass spectrometer, it has good quality stability, high quality accuracy, wide quality range, and fast response speed. Innovative technology - Enhanced Collision Induced Dissociation (ECID): it can complete Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MS2) analysis, enhancing the qualitative ability of the instrument under complex matrix interference, which is an effective means of identifying chromatographic co-effluents and isomers

Constant-temperature purging: high purging efficiency, small purging gas consumption, long maintenance cycle and low maintenance cost

Efficient physical water removal: effectively prevent water vapor from entering the chromatographic separation system, ensuring qualitative stability

Automatic cleaning function: Water sample collection pipe, purging chamber, and organic matter collection tube have automatic cleaning function, and the system memory effect is small

Analysis spectra of 56 volatile organic compounds in water

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