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EXPEC 3050

Explosion-proof form

Ex d ib IIC T3 Gb


Using time is over 6 hours when fully charged


Only FID 2kg; FID+PID 2.1kg

FID Life span

Normal cleaning, > 5000 hours



EXPEC 3050 Handheld Volatile Organic Gas Analyzer is a very lightweight handheld VOCs analyzer based on the FID principle, weighs only about 2Kg and can be operated with one hand.

EXPEC 3050
EXPEC 3050

VOCs analyzer based on FID detector principle is an industry recognized class of instruments for the detection of VOCs, related standards are: GB37822-2019 "Non-organized emission control Standard for Volatile organic compounds", HJ38-2017 "Determination of total hydrocarbon, methane and non-methane total hydrocarbon in the exhaust gas of fixed pollution sources gas chromatography", HJ1012 2018 "environmental air and exhaust gas total hydrocarbon, methane and non-methane total hydrocarbon portable monitor technical requirements and detection methods", HJ 1013-2018 "Technical requirements and testing Method for continuous monitoring system of Total non-methylane hydrocarbon in the exhaust gas of Fixed Pollution Sources", etc.


Whole machine explosion-proof design

The circuit of the whole machine adopts intrinsic safety explosion-proof design, and the core FID
detector module adopts flameproof design.

High accuracy

FID detector,consistent with online VOCs system, provides an accuracy unmatched by handheld PID.

Easy to carry

Light weight, the weight of the host is less than 2 kg (portable non-methane total hydrocarbon analyzer is generally 10-20kg). Small size, easy to carry

Easy to operate

It only takes 2 steps to test, and users can view test data, calibrate and set parameters through the panel.

High reliability

The technical route and spectrum of large-scale production of EXPEC 3100 are in the same line, reliability is trustworthy.

Transportation Safety

The application of the hydrogen storage alloy enables the instrument to be transported or mailed safely.

Perfect after-sale

The perfect after-sales service system of EXPEC Technology provides customers with comprehensive after-sales engineering services.





Explosion-proof form

Ex d ib IIC T3 Gb


Using time is over 6 hours when fully charged


Only FID  2kg ; FID+PID  2.1kg


cylinder  volume

Using time is over 6 hours when fully charged

FID Life span


(linear) range

Normal cleaning, > 5000 hours

FID: 0~50,000ppm; PID:0~2,000ppm


detection limit

FID:0.2ppm  methane; PID:0.2ppm isobutene

Response time

of probe


PID: use 500ppm  isobutene , 90% of the final value is

achieved in 3.5 seconds at most

FID: use 10,000ppm methane , 90% of the final value is

achieved in 3.5 seconds at most

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