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EXPEC 3100 Pro


FID and PID dual detectors

working environment

Working temperature: -20℃ ~+50℃;Working humidity: (o-95)%RH

Limit of detection

FID:0.1ppm (methane); PID: O.5ppm (isobutene)


FID 5o0ppm methane, <2%; PID 100ppm isobutene, <1%



EXPEC 3100 Pro Portable Volatile Organic Gas Analyzer meets the technical requirements of total detection and leak detection, and uses FID detector for total hydrocarbon detection. The product is suitable for VOCs detection and traceability of pollution emergency site, as well as non-organized emission detection of petrochemical equipment and valve parts (LDAR).

EXPEC 3100 Pro
EXPEC 3100 Pro

The instruments are equipped with FID and PID dual detectors for almost all VOCs as well as some common inorganic factors to make response. The machine is small, light weight, good detection performance, simple operation, to meet customers on the test site quick and accurate analysis.
The instrument is equipped with explosion-proof handheld terminal, cooperating with the host analyzer for VOCs field investigation and analysis, LDAR site documentation, point detection data recording and instrument control, can greatly improve the VOCs field detection traceability work efficiency.


Extreme portability

  • The weight of the instrument is only 3kg, lower
    than all similar products in the market
  • Integrated industrial design, single person can complete the detection task

Stable hydrogen supply

  • Built-in EPC electronic pressure control system with temperature supplement calculation method to ensure the steady flow of hydrogen during the use of the instrument

Long time of gas supply

  • Adopts hydrogen storage alloy to supply hydrogen, the hydrogen storage alloy can be safely inflated using a hydrogen generator, the cylinder using time is ≥12hours after being fully charged

Double pump gas circuit

  • Adopts double-pump gas circuit to ensure the normal detection of the instrument in a low oxygen environment.
  • Added consumable replacement, battery life, leakage exceeding the reminder function

Long time of power supply

  • Use large capacity rechargeable battery, battery life ≥12hours after being fully charged

Double mode communication

  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication modules to realize point-to-point connection between the instrument and the handheld operator



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