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EXPEC 3200-200

Detect Factor

Total hydrocarbons, methane and non-methane total hydrocarbons


High temperature catalytic oxidation +FID detection technology

Analysis period

1~120 s can be set

Ambient temperature

-20 ~ 50 ℃


EXPEC 3200-200 portable total hydrocarbon, methane and non-methane total hydrocarbon measuring instrument adopts high temperature catalytic oxidation + FID detection technology. It can effectively avoid the loss of samples with high boiling point and high concentration, and realize the accurate measurement of total hydrocarbons, methane and non-methane total hydrocarbons in waste gas from fixed pollution sources and fugitive emissions. The detection limit can reach ppb level, and the product is completely in line with non-methane total hydrocarbon The on-site monitoring method standard meets the index requirements in the "Technical Requirements and Detection Methods for Portable Monitors for Total Hydrocarbons, Methane and Non-methane Total Hydrocarbons in Ambient Air and Exhaust Gas" (HJ 1012-2018).

EXPEC 3200-200


Highly integrated, extremely portable

  • The weight of the host (including gas cylinder and
    battery) is less than 6.5 kg, which is only the weight of similar products 33%~70% of the volume.
  • Integrated industrial design, can be carried on one or two shoulders, and a single person can complete the detection task

Excellent battery life, worry-free gas and electricity

  • Gas supply: Built-in zero-level air generator module, no need for external carrier gas and auxiliary gas; Supports hydrogen storage alloy or steel cylinders, and can be
    safely inflated with a hydrogen generator.
  • Power supply: Support AC220 V or hot engine to replace the battery, the battery life is greater than 20h.

High temperature heat tracing, reduce loss

  • The whole process of high temperature heating sample transmission and high temperature FID detection can effectively avoid high boiling point, high concentration sample loss.

Second-level analysis, one-click completion

  • Second-level analysis, real-time sampling, fast and accurate feedback of working conditions.
  • One-click wizard operation



  Detect factor: Total hydrocarbons, methane and non-methane total hydrocarbons

 Principle: High temperature catalytic oxidation +FID detection technology

 Analysis period: 1~120 s can be set

 Ambient temperature: -20 ~ 50 ℃

 Measurement range: (0-20/200/customizable) mg/m3

 Weight: The whole machine (including battery and cylinder) is less than 6.5 kg

 Detection limit: 0.07 mg/m3  (by carbon)

 Power supply: AC220 V/DC24 V

 Sample blank: < detection limit

 Battery: Battery can be changeable, using >20hrs

 Quantitative repeatability: <1%

 Linearity error: < 2%±FS

 Hydrogen: Standard solid hydrogen storage alloy, optional cylinder gas, battery life > 20hrs

 FID gas-supporting: High temperature catalytic oxidation + physical adsorption to remove hydrocarbons

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