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EXPEC 4820

Dimensions and weight

Length: 818mm, width: 590, height: 396mm, weight: about 70Kg


Wavelength Range

174~520 nm



Purity: 99.999%, Pressure: 0.5MPa


Product Instruction

EXPEC 4820 metals analyzer is a new generation spectrometer developed by EXPEC Technology based on the company 's full spectrum emission spectroscopy technology and high-end argon self- purification technology. The instrument was released and launched in 2016 by applying the company's full spectrum spectrometer M4000 instrument platform , and has experienced many years of market testing for stability and reliability. The new EXPEC 4820 spectrometer uses a scientific research grade CMOS sensor as the detectors and patented argon self-purification technology , which has excellent performance and can meet the analysis needs from mid to high-end users.

EXPEC 4820

Patented Argon Self-Purification Technology(ZL201620005367.7)

The argon self-purification technology uses a pump to extract the argon in the optical chamber , purifies it with an argon purifier and then returns it into the optical chamber , thereby maintaining a high purity argon environment in the optical chamber.

  • The optical chamber adopts an integrated casting optical chamber with excellent sealing performance , which can maintain long-term purity of internal argon and ensure the service life of the purifier.
  • The ultraviolet analysis environment is equivalent to a vacuum chamber of 10-3Pa , improving the analysis performance of short - wave elements.
  • The pressure difference inside and outside the optical chamber is almost zero , and the optical chamber is sealed with constant temperature and pressure , effectively avoiding the drift of the optical system caused by environmental and atmospheric pressure changes, improving the long-term stability of the product.
  • Reduce the argon consumption of the argon filling system and effectively reduce the use cost.

Application scenario

Product Recommendation Form

EXPEC 4820EXPEC 4850
Optical SystemPaschen-Runge optical system using multiple high-performance CMOS detectors
Optical chamber with argon self-purification systemDual chamber argon purging optical system
Wavelength Range: 174~520 nmWavelength Range:140~680nm
SourceProgrammable full digital pulse source
High energy pre-ignition technology, ignition pulse: 1~14Kv
Maximum discharge frequency: 1000Hz, Maximum discharge current: 400A
Spark excitation pulse: 20~230V, Arc excitation pulse: 20~60 V
Power supply and environmental requirementsPower supply voltage: (220 ± 20) V AC, (50 ± 1) Hz, single power supply with protective grounding
Maximum excitation frequency: 400W, Average standby power: 50W
Working temperature: 10~30 ℃, Storage temperature: 0~45 ℃, Working humidity: 20~80% RH
Spark StandOpened sample operation platform, which can be equipped with various sample adapters for special applications to meet different small sample analysis needs
Optimized argon flushing design, better argon saving and spark stability.
Easy to clean and maintain, intelligent reminder of maintenance cycle.
ArgonAperture of spark stand: 13mm (optional: 6mm)
Purity: 99.999%, Pressure: 0.5MPa
Burning flow is about 3.5L/min, maintaining and standby flow is about 0.1L/minBurning flow is about 3.5L/min, maintaining and standby flow is about 0.2L/min
Dimensions and weightLength: 818mm, width: 590, height: 396mm weight: about 70KgLength: 623mm, width: 735mm, height: 443mm weight: about 70Kg
EMCIEC 610004-2, 61000-4-4, 61000-4-5
ModelFNoneDual optical chamber configuration, best UV analysis capability, capable of accurately analyzing N elements, meeting high-end analysis requirements for various matrixes such as Fe, Al, Cu, Zn, Ni, Ti, Mg, Co, etc.
NSuitable for all matrix analysis and can meet the matrix analysis requirements such as Fe, Al, Cu, Ni, and ZnDual optical chamber configuration, strong UV analysis capability, meeting various matrix analysis requirements for Fe, Al, Cu, Zn, Ni, Ti, Mg, Co, etc.
SSuitable for nonferrous metal analysis and meet the matrix analysis requirements such as Al, Cu, Zn, and MgSingle optical chamber configuration to meet Cu, Zn, and Mg  etc.
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