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HMA-3000 series


Sequential injection platform

Anodic stripping voltammetry

Simultaneous monitoring of multiple parameters


☆ Small size, light weight, easy transport, installation and integration, clear and reasonable internal layout inside the instrument, separated water and electricity, and intuitive flow path
☆ High detection accuracy, meeting the detection requirements of ppb level; build-in online digestion device, enabling it to eliminate the interference of organic matter on the measurement
☆ Continuous measurement, periodic measurement, manual measurement, remote trigger measurement and other measurement modes for various site demands
☆ Intelligent fault diagnosis: The functions of liquid lack and leakage judgment alarm, reagent margin warning, process exception alarm, etc.
☆Non-toxic and harmless solid electrodes, ensuring the safety of instrument operators
☆ Low operation and maintenance costs, with reagent consumption and waste liquid production lower than similar products in the market



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