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High sample throughput

Full inert treatment of the flow path

Full process high temperature design

Machine reinforcement design

Any combination

Precision control

Easy to operate

Function assistant


EXPEC 236 Headspace Autosampler is a pre-processing device that puts the sample to be tested in a sealed and constant temperature system for gas-liquid or gas-solid equilibrium, and sends the balanced components to be tested to the chromatographic analysis. It has a new design based on static headspace pressurization technology, which realizes solvent-free and efficient extraction of liquid samples and solid samples. EXPEC 236 has the functions of automatic leak detection/multiple extraction/multiple injection, etc. It is easy to operate and maintain, and improves the pretreatment efficiency of complex samples in an all-round way.



  • High sample throughput

Sequential processing of up to 75-position samples, combined with dual moving sample trays and overlapping heating, significantly improves work efficiency.

  • Full inert treatment of the flow path

Low risk of cross-contamination, low loss of components, high reproducibility.

  •  Full process high temperature design

300°C high temperature eliminates cold spots, strong detection ability, and extremely high analytical sensitivity.

  •  Machine reinforcement design

Can be used in stationary and mobile laboratories.

  •  Any combination

Can be used with various brands of GC instruments.

  •  Precision control

Precise gas flow, time, temperature control system, high reproducibility and accuracy of analysis results.

  •  Easy to operate

Automatically complete all process, the results are reliable;

Intuitive visual software interface, easy to operate.

  •  Function assistant

The heating box has a built-in five-level vibration function to accelerate the gas-liquid balance of the sample and shorten the analysis cycle;

Overlap heating function increases sample throughput and saves pretreatment time;

System leak check of the complete flow path to effectively ensure data quality.


Can be used with GC/GC-MS

Medicine, cosmetics, public security investigation, environmental science, energy, material science, light industry packaging, food science,etc.

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