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EXPEC 5310

Application case

1. Ion interface

2. ESI/APCI dual ion sources

3. Reliable multi-level vacuum system

4. Complete instrument control system

5. New-generation step scan ion transmission

6.TQ mass analyzer

7.High-speed dynamic collision reaction cell

8.Pulse-counting detector



EXPEC 5310 is the new-generation liquid chromatograph - triple quadrupole tandem mass
spectrometer of EXPEC Technology. It has the stronger ion source, more excellent ion
transmission system, higher scanning speed, and lower detection capability. EXPEC 5310
is applicable for wide application fields, including the environment detection, medical
detection, and food safety. The full-Chinese MassExpert mass spectrometry workstation
software, which was independently developed based on users' demand, includes the
software for professional mass spectrometry control and quantitative analysis. In
combination with the functions of standard method library, automatic tuning, intelligent
MRM, intelligent batch processing and customized report output, the software greatly
reduces the operation difficulty of the mass spectrometry system. Additionally, Mass Expert
has thousands of compound standard libraries and rich application method libraries. It can
meet the application demands of more mass spectrometry users.

Unique biorthogonal ESI and APCI dual ion sources
● It adopts the E-Spray biorthogonal electrospray (ESI) ion source and APCI ion source, and has an excellent ionic yield and organism resistance.
Excellent sensitivity
● The product adopts a new-generation Step Scan ion transmission technology, which effectively enhances the ion transmission efficiency.
● Brand-new 3rd-generation axial accelerating collision cell technology greatly improves collision efficiency.
● Through the patented pulse-counting detection technology, ion signals can be detected without any loss, and noise disturbance can be filtered effectively.
Excellent stability
● The high-efficiency desolvation ion source and ion interface enhance the system tolerability
● The patented dual-channel RF power closed-loop adaptive adjustment technology enhances the stability of the quadrupole RF power supply
● The patented temperature and humidity alternating resistance technology can adapt a wider temperature and humidity application scope
Mass Expert Mass Spectrometry Work Station
● The operation of the brand-new Mass Expert mass spectrometry control software and analysis software is easy; the function of "on-click" automatic tuning and mass calibration reduces the complexity of instrument control, and lowers the instrument use threshold. The mass spectrometry analysis software and report templates can be customized for different application fields and different users to meet the use demands of different application fields.

Ion interface

● High-purity nitrogen blow-back for
improving desolvation effects and matrix
● The temperature of the heating gas circuit
can be controlled precisely.

New-generation step scan ion transmission

● The design of 3Q quadrupol transmission system is adopted to maximize the transmission efficiency
● New-generation axial accelerating Q-Funnel ion collection is adopted to improve the ion transmission efficiency
● Unique Q-Lens, perfectly linking to the ion interface
● Q-Guide, improved quadrupol transmission channel, ensuring the efficient transmission of all ions

ESI/APCI dual ion sources

● Biorthogonal electrospray (ESI) ion
source and APCI ion source, supporting
seamless switch
● Orthogonal at the ion transmission route;
90° deflection for decreasing neutral
particles' entrance into the mass
spectrometry, and reducing noise
● The ortho-symmetric dual-channel
desolvation gas based on flow emulation
can remove solvent efficiently

TQ mass analyzer

● Gold-plated pure molybdenum quadrupole mass analyzer, providing optimal thermal stability
● Ultrastable frequency-modulation quadrupole RF power supply, optimal resistance to the changes in temperature and humidity, ensuring excellent stability even under common laboratory conditions

Reliable multi-level vacuum system

● Multi-level vacuum system based on the
molecular pump + backing pump
● Vacuum step transition, reducing sudden
changes of air pressure and decreasing
ion loss

High-speed dynamic collision reaction cell

● The patented 2nd-generation hexapole
collision reaction cell
● The design of axial acceleration enables
the ions to pass through the collision cell
quickly, ensuring both collision efficiency
and transmission efficiency and reducing
cross contamination
● The patented distributed diffusion mode of
collision gases significantly improves
collision efficiency and enhances

Complete instrument control system

● Interlocking control is adopted for all gas
circuits, voltage and heating, ensuring
equipment safety
● The vacuum system is controlled
independently, and has the complete
self-protection function; the system can be
ensured to be normal even in the
condition that no software is running
● All gas circuits are controlled by MFC, and
all parameters are controlled precisely.

Pulse-counting detector

● Special deflecting-channel electron
● The patented pulse-counting detection
provides higher signal response, and
generates lower noise

The new-generation dual-3Q ion optical system provides high ion transmission efficiency, excellent matrix tolerance, good balancing sensitivity and stability, and thus superb application effects.

Step Scan 3Q ion transmission system
● Integrated encapsulation, for convenient assembling, disassembling and cleaning
● 3-group quadrupole, forming a unique 3Q ion transmission channel; as the channel diameter of
the ion is large, the ion transmission is efficient
● The design of quadrupole, step scanning, significantly reducing the interference of the low mass
● Load scanning voltage, fulfilling special scanning of special ions and improving the ion selectivity

Tandem QQQ mass analyzer
● The design of tandem quadrupole mass analyzer and hexapole collision cell is adopted
● The stable dual-mass analyzer can be used to carry out various mass analysis, and is applicable for the study on different types of mass spectrometry
● Efficient collision cell can transmit various ions to the highest extent
● Including the full scan, selected ion monitor (SIM), single reaction monitoring (SRM), product ion scan, precursor ion scan, neutral loss scan, multiple reaction monitoring (MRM).

Independently studied and developed pure molybdenum quadrupole mass analyzer
● The pure molybdenum quadrupole has stable materials and optimal performance, ensuring
the stability of the mass axis
● The quadrupole surface is gold coated, and completely deactivated to eliminate the organic deposits
● The patented dual-channel RF power closed-loop adaptive adjustment technology enhances the stability of the quadrupole RF
● The patented temperature and humidity alternating resistance technology can provide the adaptability to the work environment of (15~30)℃, (20~80)%R.H Brand-new 3rd-generation axial acceleration collision cell
● Eliminate the crosstalk interference among ion pairs, with no memory effect
● Match with the ultra-fast liquid chromatography (HPLC) , and implement the high-throughput analysis of nearly one hundred types of compounds.
Advanced quadrupole RF power technology
● The patented dual-channel RF power closed-loop adaptive adjustment technology can be adopted to enhance the stability of quadrupole RF power, ensure the RF power symmetry, and significantly improve the ion screening and the accuracy of ion transmission.
● The brand-new temperature and humidity resistance technology is adopted to enhance the environmental adaptability of the quadrupole-driven power supply, providing good stability of the mass spectrometry peak over the full temperature and humidity scope

ESI/APCI dual ion source

● The orthographic vertical spay ESI ion source and APCI ion source, with 90° deflection for reducing directly sprayed neutral particle pollution, reducing noise while significantly extending the maintenance cycle
● The coaxial atomizing gas forms powerful, stable ion sources, which is applicable for the stable sampling under different flow rates, i.e. 5ul/min - 2ml/min.
● The ion source can be adjusted in a two-dimensional mode, and is suitable for users to optimize the ion collection position based on actual conditions.

The orthogonal desolvation gas can provide efficient desolvation meeting the aerodynamics

● On the basis of the aerodynamics and thermodynamic distribution, optimize the spatial location of the desolvation gas, and the orthorhombic symmetry layout can provide optimal desolvation results
● The temperature of the dual-channel desolvation gas is independently controlled, and the highest desolvation gas temperature can be up to 700℃
● The temperature and flow rate of the desolvation gas can be automatically optimized and turned on/off, and can be adjusted flexibly to provide optimal desolvation effects

Vacuum interface for pollution prevention

● The air curtain is formed by the high-temperature nitrogen flow back-blow
● Effectively remove neutral particle
● Prevent large droplet entering the vacuum area
● The slight negative pressure in the spray chamber expels the solvent droplet

Ultra trace single detection

● Channel-type electron multiplier
● Off-axis design, filtering the noise of neutral particles
● Innovative pulse-detection technology can effectively improve the signal-noise ratio and obtain better analysis results

Vacuum system

● Differentiation vacuum design is adopted to reduce the ion transmission loss
● Additionally, it reduces the load of the molecular pump, and enhanced the service life of the turbo molecular pump

Excellent stability
● Continuous sampling 1,000 injections for over 168 hours; the peak area of the 3 types of sulfonamide, CV <4%

Powerful, friendly Mass Expert analysis work station

● Mass Expert work station, providing brand-new user experience and no-barrier learning
● Abundant intelligent suites can meet the application demands of different levels, from the expert to the laboratory technician
● It is a high-throughput data batch processing and analysis software, allowing analysts to
leave the instrument during the analysis and processing

● It has the built-in standard spectral library of
thousands of compounds, and supports the
self-built spectral library, which is convenient
for users to establish methods by themselves.
● Provide special solutions for industrial
applications, and provide customized method
packages for environmental monitoring and
on-line analysis

Simple, easy-to-use control software

● The automatic optimization of methods, accelerating the method development procedures

● Monitor instrument status in a real-time
manner, reducing the diagnosis and
maintenance difficulties

Intelligent parameter optimization

● The "one-click" automatic tuning and mass calibration reduce the application difficulty encountered by the user.
● It is a parameter adjustment tool customized for senior users to meet personalized experimental needs.

Customizable application analysis software

● Customize special software for the applications of environmental protection, medical diagnosis, food safety, on-line analysis, etc.
● With the built-in compound library and analysis method library, it provides analysis method supporting
for compounds
● It automatically marks abnormal values, and accelerates analysis
● Parameter-free automatic integrator setting is adopted, reducing the time-consuming manual
integration operation
● The analysis data statistics and trend chart indication are convenient and intuitive

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