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MSFLO mass spectrometry flow technology uses metal tagged antibody to label the samples, dissociates them into ion clouds with single cell as the unit after atomization, obtains the effective metal ions through mass screening, and enters the time-of-flight mass analyzer for analysis, thus obtaining the corresponding protein detection results and truly realizing the protein detection at the single cell level.

Product Instruction

On the basis of mastering the core technology
development of mass spectrometry, Powclin integrates the vertical inductively coupled plasma technology, the continuously adjustable bandwidth quadrupole rod technology and the emission time-of-flight mass spectrometry technology, and introduces the new MSFLO Desktop Mass Spectrometry Flow Cytometer, which is superior in technology. MSFLO can meet the strict requirements of multi-application scenario detection in laboratory work, such as blood, tumor, immunophenotyping, pharmacology, etc., and provide comprehensive and specialized scientific analysis solutions for the global user of blood, cell analysis and other fields in bioengineering, biosafety detection, medical research and other industries.


Different from the traditional fluorescence flow technology, the mass spectrometry flow technology uses metal tags instead of fluorophore to label the antibodies, and uses ion mass-to-charge ratio analysis instead of signal detection with fluorescence system, which essentially avoids the influence of "fluorescence cross color" and "autofluorescence", thus obtaining more accurate detection results.

Apoptosis detection

MSFLO mass spectrometry flow technology uses metal tagged antibody to label the samples, dissociates them into ion clouds with single cell as the unit after atomization, obtains the effective metal ions through mass screening, and enters the time-of-flight mass analyzer for analysis, thus obtaining the corresponding protein detection results and truly realizing the protein detection at the single cell level.

Subversive vertical torch tube design

Innovative vertical torch tube design, through stable plasma torch flame, giving products better precision performance and longer torch tube/sampling cone life, of which the patent numbers are 202011616686.9, 202011614130.6, and 201811651529.4.
The integrated design of torch tube coil, ensuring the torch tube to be centered, stable and reliable mechanically
Intelligent iStandby standby design, effectively reducing the argon consumption

Ultra-high efficient ion transportation

Rectangular ion optics

· The 90° off-axis ion transmission system can transmit ions efficiently, eliminate the interference of neutral particles completely and improve the signal-to-noise ratio

· For special neutral particle receiving system, no ion lens is needed after ion deflection, realizing zero maintenance of mass spectrometry system

Rectangular shaping optical system with high compression ratio

· Innovative design and high-efficiency compression of ion beam reduce the space and energy divergence of ions and improve the ion utilization and transmission efficiency

High precision ion analysis system

Multimode quadrupole

· High stability pure molybdenum quadrupole, with high-efficiency mass screening and all-pass, band-pass and single-pass working modes, meeting a variety of application scenarios (Patent number: 201711487931.9)

oa-TOF mass analyzer

· The reflective time-of-flight analyzer is introduced vertically, with the design of microsecond high-voltage switching circuit design and high-speed signal acquisition circuit, realizing the faster data acquisition capability to obtain more, faster and more complete measurement information than imagined

· Innovative design, coupled with powerful data analysis software, delivers classic streaming results while providing high-dimensional data visualization for an unparalleled data analysis experience

Examples of single cell research and application

Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease, with tumor cells and related healthy cells forming an ecosystem that determines the disease progression and treatment response. In order to characterize the ecosystem characteristics of breast cancer, the immune atlas of breast tumor is drawn by combining single cell technology and mass spectrometry flow technology.

PD-L1 + TAMs and exhaustion T cells are enriched in ER-negative high-risk patients, which indicates that the inhibitory molecules are closely related to poor prognosis of tumor, and the phenotype of tumor cells and the phenotype of tumor infiltrating immune cells interact and interfere with each other.

Johanna W, Maria A R, Stéphane C, et al. A Single-Cell Atlas of the Tumor and Immune Ecosystem of Human Breast Cancer[J]. Cell.2019 May 16;177(5):1330–1345.e18.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease with chronic inflammation in synovium of joint tissue. This inflammation can lead to joint damage, disability and shortened life span. Defining key cell subsets and their activation status in inflammatory tissues is a key step in defining new therapeutic targets for RA.

The cells amplified in RA synovium are THY1 (CD90) + HLA-DRAhi subinner fibroblasts, IL1B + pro-pro-inflammatory monocytes, ITGAX + TBX21 + autoimmune related cells, PDCD1 + T peripheral ancillary cells (Tph) and Tfh.

Zhang F, Wei K, Slowikowski Kamil et al. Defining inflammatory cell states in rheumatoid arthritis joint synovial tissues by integrating single-cell transcriptomics and mass cytometry[J]. Nat Immunol,2019,20:928-942.

Examples of oncology application

The response of colorectal cancer to immune checkpoint blocking varies. The cancer tissues and related tumor microenvironment of patients treated with pembrolizumab or nivolumab are comprehensively studied to analyze the cellular and molecular determinants of the response against PD1 immunotherapy.

In colorectal cancer with high mutation, the response against PD1 immunotherapy is not related to TMB, but associated with the high clonality of immunogenic mutation, clonally expanded T cells, low activation of Wnt signaling pathway, imbalance of interferon γ pathway and active immune escape mechanism.

Michele B, Mohamed R K, Lucia M et al. Immunogenomics of Colorectal Cancer Response to Checkpoint Blockade: Analysis of the KEYNOTE 177 Trial and Validation Cohorts[J]. Gastroenterology.2021 Oct;161(4):1179-1193.

16 patients with resectable pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma undergo a neoadjuvant clinical trial of activating CD40 mAb intravenous combined or uncombined with the chemotherapy before operation, and then undergo adjuvant chemotherapy and CD40 mAb injection to study the biological effects on tumor microenvironment and treatment-related regulation after medication.

TME and circulating T cells are more active and proliferate. Tumor fibrosis and M2-like tumor-related macrophages decrease, and dendritic cells in tumor become more mature. Inflammatory cytokines CXCL10 and CCL22 increase systemically.

Katelyn T B, Courtney B B, Rosemarie M et al. Neoadjuvant selicrelumab, an agonist CD40 antibody, induces changes in the tumor microenvironment in patients with resectable pancreatic cancer[J]. Clin Cancer Res.2021 Aug 15;27(16):4574–4586.

Examples of hematological disease research and application

NK cells are the main anti-leukemia immune effector cells, while leukemia primitive cells have negative effects on NK cell function and promote the emergence of phenotypic and functional impaired NK cells, such as the accumulation of CD56-CD16 + unconventional NK cells in acute myeloid leukemia.

Ly6ChiCD38 + monocytes differentiate into M1 macrophages on day 3 and CD38 + monocyte-derived dendritic cells on day 7, while Ly6ClowCD38 + monocytes differentiate into CD11b+CD38 + DCs on day 7.

Liu J, Li P, Zhu J et al. Mesenchymal stem cell-mediated immunomodulation of recruited mononuclear phagocytes during acute lung injury: a high-dimensional analysis study[J]. Theranostics.2021;11(5):2232–2246.

Examples of pharmaceutical research and application

Currently, chemical detoxification pertussis toxin is used in pertussis vaccine. Chemical detoxification can effectively inhibit the toxicity, but it will damage the epitope needed by strong neutralizing antibody to produce antitoxin. By constructing PTx gene mutant to produce hereditary detoxification pertussis toxin, a new pertussis vaccine is researched and developed.

A large number of proliferating memory T cells in gdPT group show activated phenotype, and the expressions of CD38 and CD25 in CD4 + and CD8 + subsets are significantly higher than those in PTd group. NK cell subsets expressing CD45RO are detected in gdPT stimulation group.

Salvador F A, Zhu S, Jessica D et al. Genetically detoxified pertussis toxin displays near identical structure to its wild-type and exhibits robust immunogenicity[J]. Commun Biol.2020;3:427.

Examples of immunological research and application

Understanding the maternal immune adaptation during the beginning of delivery has an important influence on predicting the induced labor and successful induced labor of natural labor and labor complications. Mass spectrometry flow technology is used to describe the maternal immune system dynamics related to labor from the induced labor to the active labor.

Compared with that before induction, the immune response is generally inhibited after induced labor and during latent labor. With the transition to active labor, a strong activation of pro-inflammatory signal response is observed.

Kazuo A, Julien J H, Dorien F et aI. A PeripheralImmune Signature of Labor Induction[J]. Front Immunol.2021;12:725989.

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