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NIR 1360

Host size

(310×287× 143) mm

Sample status


Assay method


Ambient pressure

(86 ~ 116) kPa



The EXPEC 1360 analyzer is based on near-infrared transmission detection technology for accurate analysis of liquid samples. The instrument sample cell has the function of controlling the temperature from 15°C to 60°C, with a temperature control accuracy better than 0.2°C, to meet the precise temperature control of liquid samples in different applications. The whole system is easy to operate; just place the cuvette in the sample cell, click on “measure”, and the instrument automatically completes the measurement and analysis. In the petrochemical industry, quality inspection system and scientific research and other fields it has a wide range of applications.

Measuring accessory

Cuvette kit with 2mm, 5mm, 10mm optical range cuvettes and spacers.



Simple operation, no need for special training or sample pre-treatment, no sample destruction

Analysis is fast, and multiple indicators such as RON, MON, density, alkene, aromatic, initial distillation point, 10% distillation, 50% distillation, 90% distillation, final distillation point, etc. can be detected simultaneously within one minute

Advanced raster scanning spectroscopic technology and InGaAs detector ensures the instrumental stability and better signal-to-noise ratio

Auto-collimation module design is adopted for the light source that light source replacement can be achieved easily without the need for adjustment

The instrument has a built-in sample thermostat control system, ensuring that the instrument is applicable to different ambient temperatures, to improve the accuracy of the measurement result

Instrument built-in standard substance, with automatic diagnosis and fault prompt function

Vibration-resistant design for laboratory and vehicle applications

Intuitive operating software interface, which is easy to operate, integrating instrument operation, modeling and data processi

Support network connection, convenient for daily maintenance of the instrument and model upgrade service

Support nitrogen purge function in low-temperature applications





Host size

(310×287× 143) mm



Sample status


Assay method


Light source

Tungsten halogen lamp


TEC refrigerated and temperature-controlled indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) detector

Wavelength range


Absorbance noise


Wavelength accuracy


Wavelength repeatability

<0.01 nm

Spectral resolution

(5.8±0.3) nm@1529.5nm

Stray light


Analysis time

< 6 seconds

Sample volume


Light source life

> 10000 hours

Temperature control range


Temperature control accuracy


Scanning speed

5 times/second

Power supply

DC 12V adapter

Communication interface


Preheating time


Environmental temperature


Environmental humidity

(5~85) %RH

Ambient pressure

(86 ~ 116) kPa

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