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NIR 1360A

Wavelength range

1000- 1800nm

Wavelength repeatability

<0.05 nm

Wavelength accuracy

±0.2 nm

Analysis time

<2 min



EXPEC 1360A is a liquid automatic sampling analyzer with high accuracy. It is suitable for the rapid detection of physical and chemical composition of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, vehicle uretin, etc. The whole system is simple to operate, just need to put the liquid inlet tube in the sample, click the measurement, the instrument will automatically complete the measurement analysis. It has a wide range of applications in petrochemical industry, quality control system and scientific research.


High accuracy, gasoline RON analysis error is less than 0.3.

Optional U-tube shock densitometer, density detection accuracy can reach 0.0005 g/cm3.

Good repeatability, gasoline RON analysis repeatability is less than 0.1.

The instrument is reliable, trouble-free operation time can reach more than 3 years.

The degree of localization of the instrument reaches more than 95%.

Can be used in the laboratory, can also be connected to the external battery for vehicle use.

Liquid automatic sampling analysis, can continuously monitor the material online.

Instrument built-in standard material, instrument can be automatic correction, automatic sampling, automatic cleaning.

Short analysis time, can complete a sample monitoring in 2 minutes.

Less sample consumption, only 30ml sample is consumed in one analysis under automatic mode; In manual mode, only 0.5ml sample is consumed in one analysis.

Easy operation: no special training, no sample pretreatment, no sample destruction.

The instrument built-in sample constant temperature control system, to ensure that
the instrument is suitable for different ambient temperature, improve the accuracy of measurement results.



Product Model No


Wavelength range

1000- 1800nm

Wavelength repeatability

<0.05 nm

Wavelength accuracy

±0.2 nm

Analysis time

<2 min

Injection method

Automatic injection driven by peristaltic pump

Power supply

24V DC adapter for power supply

Analytical sample capacity

Combine peristaltic pump 30ml,  manual mode 0.5ml

Light source life time

> 10,000 hours

Circulation pool temperature control

Adjustable from 20 to 60℃, accuracy is less than 0.2℃

Data interface

LAN interface  1pc



Working environment temperature





<20kg (without batteries)

Detection Index


Detection Index

Gasoline for


RON, MON, antiknock index, benzene content (volume fraction)/%, aromatics content (volume fraction)/%, olefin

Content  (volume  fraction)/%, saturated hydrocarbon content (volume fraction)/%, distillation range, °C (10% evaporation temperature, 50%

Evaporation temperature, 90% evaporation temperature, final boiling

point), vapor pressure (kPa), oxygen content, % (mass fraction number)

Diesel fuel for


Cetane number, distillation range (°C), 50% recovery temperature (°C),

90% recovery temperature (°C), flash point (°C),

kinematic viscosity (mm2/s), density (g/cm3), freezing point (°C)

Jet fuel

Freezing point (°C), distillation range (°C), initial boiling point (°C), 10% recovery temperature (°C), 20% recovery temperature

(°C), 50% recovery temperature (°C), 90% recovery temperature (°C),

final distillation point (°C), flash point

(℃), kinematic viscosity (mm2/s), density (g/cm3)

Nitrogen oxide

Reducing agent -

Urea aqueous


Urea content (mass  fraction)/%, density (Kg/cm3), refractive index, alkalinity (in NH) (mass fraction number)/%,

biuret (mass fraction)/%, aldehydes (calculated as HCHO)/(mg/kg), etc.

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