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NIR 1370

Host size

(403 x 391 x 373.5) mm


20 kg

Applicable samples

Grain and feed samples or other products

Sample status

Solids such as granules and powders



Based on near infrared diffuse reflectance spectroscopy technology, the EXPEC 1370 analyzer is particularly suitable for use in laboratories of the grain and oil processing and feed industries for accurate and rapid testing of raw materials, processes and finished product quality thanks to its accuracy and speed, simultaneous detection of multi-component indicators and ease of operation.

Measuring accessory

Ø100 sample tray, Ø100 special sample tray (shallow tray for powder samples), sample gland, dustpan, scraper, brush


Suitable for a wide range of sample types, such as granules, flakes, powders, pastes, etc.

Customized sample trays for special samples, e.g. fertilizer, asphalt.

Easy loading, flattening of granular samples and scraping of powder samples

Sample tray is easy to clean and can effectively prevent cross contamination

Rotation of the sample tray to improve the
representativeness and accuracy of the measurement of inhomogeneous samples

Fast analysis of multiple components such as moisture, crude fat, crude protein, crude fiber, crude ash, etc. within 10 seconds

Advanced grating technology and indium gallium arsenide detector for excellent signal-to-noise ratio

Instrument built-in standard substance, with automatic diagnosis and fault prompt function

Auto-collimation module design is adopted for the light source that light source replacement can be achieved easily without the need for adjustment

Software applicable to different management permissions



Product Model No


Wavelength range

1000- 1800nm

Wavelength repeatability

<0.05 nm

Wavelength accuracy

±0.2 nm

Analysis time

<2 min

Injection method

Automatic injection driven by peristaltic pump

Power supply

24V DC adapter for power supply

Analytical sample capacity

Combine peristaltic pump 30ml,  manual mode 0.5ml

Light source life time

> 10,000 hours

Circulation pool temperature control

Adjustable from 20 to 60℃, accuracy is less than 0.2℃

Data interface

LAN interface  1pc



Working environment temperature





<20kg (without batteries)

Detection Index



Host size

(403 x 391 x 373.5) mm


20 kg

Applicable samples

Grain and feed samples or other products

Sample status

Solids such as granules and powders

Assay method

Diffuse reflection

Light source

Tungsten halogen lamp

Light source power

5 V/ 10 W


TEC  refrigerated and temperature-controlled indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) detector

Wavelength range

( 1000~ 1800) nm & (1000~2500nm optional)

Wavelength accuracy

±0.2 nm

Wavelength repeatability

<0.01 nm

Spectral resolution

( 10.95±0.3) nm@1529.5nm

Absorbance noise


Stray light


Scanning speed

5 times/s

Analysis time

<30 s

Preheating time

30 min

Power supply

(220±20) V~/50Hz

Communication interface

USB 2.0

Environmental temperature

(5~35) °C

Environmental humidity

(5%~85%) RH, non-condensing

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