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SUPEC 5240


LC-MS/MS Detection of trace organic contaminants in water


The SUPERC 5240 On-site Online LC-MS/MS Monitoring System, based on laboratory online SPE-LC-MS/MS combined technology, integrates automatic water collection, sample filtration, pre-processing, analysis and detection, data transmission and other modules to achieve one-button operation, solving the pain points of operation steps being cumbersome and data time efficiency being poor in the traditional detection modes. By leveraging its advantages in accuracy and convenience, it can achieve online monitoring and real-time warning of toxic substances and their metabolites, environmental pollutants, and other substances in water quality, meeting multiple relevant standard detection requirements.


Accuracy: In-situ direct injection without loss achieves more accurate results

Real time: No need for sampling transfer time, automation, analysis after sampling and pre-processing

Time saving: Say goodbye to the cumbersome extraction and concentration process, and achieve simple operation

Money saving: Reduce pre-processing consumables, and save analytical costs and personnel sampling costs

☆ Provide trends in the temporal and spatial changes of the target object

☆ Provide pollution traceability and monitoring big data analysis

☆ Realize monitoring data evaluation and guide the development of law enforcement business


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