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1.High pressure cavity with dual-phase steel material, cap and jaw capacity up to 300Bar
2.Overpressure protection, automatic pressure relief at 200Bar to ensure safe use
3.Precise temperature control, real-time display of pressure and temperature
4.Comprehensive system safety interlock (temperature, pressure, cooling water, exhaust air, hatch door)
5.In line with GB/T 26814 Microwave Digestion Apparatus and design specifications for pressure vessels


Based on pressurized digestion technology, EXPEC 790 series have automatic sealing, high temperature and high pressure, water cooled rapidly, such as functions and features, greatly enhance the ability and efficiency of microwave digestion, are fast digestion, less reagent dosage, the advantages of the clean, energy-saving and easy to monitor, completely solve the traditional microwave operation labor force.

Super Microwave Digestion System


The automated Superwave Workstation(Four cavity) based on the super microwave base for different application scenarios and added automated liquid filling, automated volume constant, automated sample transfer and other automation functions. At the same time, it supports the unique function of "one-touch" digestion-analysis instrument combination, which makes digestion and analysis more intelligent, standardized and safe.


The super microwave digestion instrument can not only be used extensively in the digestion of basic samples such as biological, food, medicine, material, cosmetic and environmental samples, but can also be applicable to the samples that are hard to be digest­ed by the traditional microwave, such as porcelain, carbon, ore, petroleum and PEEK samples. In the pressurized digestion cavity, multiple samples can be analyzed simultaneously; complete digestion can be fulfilled even for mixed samples, requiring no sample classification.


Can be used with ICP/ICP-MS


Product Model No


Wavelength range

microwave emission power 1200W; magnetron water cooling design to improve the service life of magnetron;

Maximum temperature


Maximum working pressure


Reaction chamber volume


Digestion flux

6 * 60ml, 8 * 35ml, 18 * 15ml, and 24 * 8ml per cavity are optional

Work Environment

Ambient temperature

15℃ -35℃

Ambient humidity

(35~80)% RH, no condensation

Power supply

Grain and feed samples or other products

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