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WOT-3000 type


Early warning and tracing

Fingerprint analysis

Multimodal application


Early warning function:
The instrument automatically collects water samples, monitors the water quality in real time, and automatically warns for exceeding standards

Comparison function: It automatically analyzes fluorescence data and identifies contaminants

Tracing function: It accurately traces pollution sources to enterprises or industries based on water quality fingerprint characteristics

Evidence retention function: It automatically retains water quality fingerprint, automatically retains abnormal water samples, and provides objective and true evidence for relevant departments



☆ Small sample size, short detection time, good selectivity, good reproducibility, high accuracy and high sensitivity, achieving precise traceability
☆ Without manual intervention, it realizes 24-hour automatic monitoring, wireless data transmission, automatic saving of water quality fingerprints, automatic reminder of maintenance cycle and other functions
☆ Rich reference material library and perfect industry library
☆ Pure spectral detection, no need for chemical reagents, no secondary pollution
☆ Accurate and reliable traceability algorithm enables to automatically list the list of polluting source enterprises


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