On February 20th, the "Seminar on Inspection, Evaluation, and Certification of Domestic Instruments" was held in Qingshan Lake, Hangzhou.

This meeting was jointly organized by the Instrument Verification and Comprehensive Evaluation Certification Platform of China Customs Science and Technology Research Center and Puyu Technology to pass the scientific and authoritative inspection, Verify the actual detection performance and application of domestic instruments, screen excellent domestic equipment for the customs system, jointly develop new technologies and methods, and strive to achieve "use your own equipment, build your own standards, and guard your own country"

The participating experts visited Puyu Technology's high-end scientific instrument industrialization innovation base and learned more about the growth and development of Puyu Technology, the localization process and industrialized innovative application of high-end scientific instruments centered on mass spectrometry instruments, and customer demand-oriented Benchmark customization and innovative development capabilities.

On-site experts affirmed the rapid development of Puyu Technology's R&D and industrialization capabilities, multiple products, and wide coverage, and conducted in-depth discussions on basic scientific research, achievement transformation, standardization research, and intelligent construction of domestic scientific instruments. Provide advice and suggestions for the development of high-end scientific instruments and equipment represented.