The 19th Asian Games concluded grandly in Hangzhou. During the Asian Games, in order to enhance the international image and provide a good sports environment for athletes to achieve great results, EXPEC cooperated with the Zhejiang Provincial Ecological Environment Monitoring Center to deploy super stations in the core area of the Asian Games to monitor the environmental pollution that affects the ambient air quality. The key factors will be observed throughout the entire process to help the Asian Games be held smoothly and add a touch of beautiful "Asian Games blue" to the beautiful new Hangzhou.

The core super observatory of the #AsianGames faces the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center, the venue for the opening ceremony, across the river. The observatory brings together top observation instruments at home and abroad, with comprehensive monitoring factors and advanced scientific and technological means. It is a superstation that integrates business monitoring and scientific observation.
EXPEC provides a variety of monitoring "sharp tools" for air quality monitoring during the Asian Games. The instruments participating in the enhanced observation at the core superstitions of the Asian Games mainly include formaldehyde analyzers, photolysis spectrometers, peroxyacetyl nitrates (PANs) online monitors, ambient air Oxygen-containing volatile organic compounds (OVOCs) automatic monitoring system, ozone generation rate (OPR) continuous monitoring system and nitrogen dioxide analyzer (CAPS), etc.
In the future, EXPEC will continue to help build a high-quality and modern ozone pollution cause analysis and early warning management and control system, providing strong scientific and technological support to further promote the improvement of atmospheric environmental air quality.