EXPEC was invited to participate in the St. Petersburg seminar of the Labconcept Group of Companies.

This seminar focused on laboratory analysis equipment in the field of analytical chemistry. This three-day seminar is the largest among laboratory analysis equipment suppliers, gathering more than 500 participants from all over the world.

The agent conveyed to EXPEC: EXPEC is currently our main product and is loved by many end customers, especially product series such as ICP-OES, ICP-MS, LC-MSMS, GC-MSMS, GC, and Microwave digestion system.

The first two days of the seminar (the first day was dedicated to chromatography equipment and the second day to spectroscopic method research equipment) featured presentations on the product range by leading experts from various companies, equipment users, trading partners, etc. Audience members have the opportunity to communicate directly with the device manufacturer and ask questions while being close to the device. It is important that not only the characteristics of the equipment are taken into account during the lectures, but also that each report is supported by practical work experience and analysis of the results of equipment studies.

On the last day of the seminar, more than 100 people visited the operational analytical laboratory, where they were able to familiarize themselves with equipment that was not on display at the show two days before the event.

Throughout the exhibition, all equipment on display works under the control of our laboratory methodologists, allowing everyone to independently study the functionality of the software and understand the operation of the equipment.

Thanks to Labconcept for inviting EXPEC to participate. We gained a lot from this seminar. Not only did we meet experts, metrologists, analytical instrument manufacturers and suppliers from various scientific and industrial laboratories, we also had the opportunity to exchange experiences and establish business contacts with them.

Hope to see you next year! EXPEC will come here with innovation!