On October 24, the groundwater environment automatic monitoring technology exchange symposium was held in Shenzhen.
EXPEC Technology was invited to participate to demonstrate the application and demonstration of automatic groundwater environmental monitoring technology achievements, and report on typical problems and solutions currently encountered in the field of online groundwater monitoring in my country.

EXPEC Technology has been deeply involved in the research of automatic groundwater monitoring for many years. In response to the country’s plan to build a national groundwater monitoring network, technical system and information platform, our company refers to groundwater monitoring standards such as HJ164-2020, HJ1019-2019 and GB/T14848-2017, combined with water quality online The integrated advantages of monitoring system research and development and the development experience of information platforms have launched a comprehensive online groundwater monitoring solution.
Groundwater is an important water supply source for production and life, and plays an irreplaceable role in maintaining ecological balance and promoting social development.
In the field of groundwater monitoring, EXPEC Technology will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation and focus on the main business line of "inspection, measurement, traceability and control" to scientifically perceive water quality data, rationally evaluate water quality status, accurately identify water quality trends, and achieve "full monitoring coverage, traceability and no blind spots" , management without dead ends", providing decision-making basis and scientific guidance to ensure groundwater safety, empowering environmental supervision with high quality, and providing a strong guarantee for groundwater monitoring and continuous improvement of water quality!
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