EXPEC Escorts Green Asian Games

Participated in the Hangzhou Asian Games environmental quality assurance emergency monitoring drill

This drill simulated the emergency monitoring of algae and water quality around important venues during the Asian Games, aiming to improve the coordination and cooperation ability and practical skills of emergency response to environmental emergencies, and further strengthen the role of monitoring in supporting and serving the ecological environment.

EXPEC was invited to participate as a third-party testing agency for professional environmental monitoring. An emergency monitoring team with strong technical capabilities was sent to participate in the drill, equipped with various on-site monitoring equipment such as portable gas chromatography mass spectrometers and mobile water environment emergency monitoring vehicles.

With rich experience in on-site emergency monitoring, the EXPEC monitoring team responds quickly to sudden pollution incidents. During the exercise, it demonstrated its strong emergency monitoring capabilities with hard-core products and high-quality services. The high recognition of EXPEC demonstrates the strength of EXPEC with actions!