EXPEC Technology sent technicians to the front line with a variety of VOCs detection portable instruments to help the environmental monitoring "technological, precise and intelligent".

Adhere to the "theory + practical operation" two-pronged approach, and do a good job in the "combined boxing" of business training. Comprehensively interpret the industry development and technical theory, improve the level of on-site detection through practical exercises, and ensure the smooth completion of tasks such as VOCs leakage point discovery, traceability, photography, and rapid index detection.

Adopting the mode of "example + practical observation + practical operation", through technical explanation, case sharing, operation simulation, etc., can effectively help the trainees to improve their skills and efficiency.

EXPEC Technology has been deeply involved in the field of environmental monitoring for many years, adheres to the "technology, precision, and intelligence" of environmental law enforcement equipment, adheres to innovation and craftsmanship, creates a family of VOCs monitoring portable instruments, captures pollution sources with the "eyes" of technology, and assists law enforcement and environmental monitoring. Improve quality and efficiency.