This conference aims to build an in-depth exchange platform, comprehensively improve the water quality safety assurance capabilities of the water supply industry, benchmark and learn advanced experience, and help cultivate professional and technical personnel. The content involves the sharing of advanced technologies for urban water supply water quality safety assurance, production and operation experience, and experience in improving the capabilities of water quality management personnel.

EXPEC made the following relevant reports at this meeting: "Development and Future of Water Quality Intelligent Analysis Laboratory" and "Drinking Water Quality Safety and High-Quality Development Solutions". It shows that EXPEC is helping to build a drinking water quality safety assurance system architecture, with the concept of "all-round, all-time and space, all-elements, and all-life-cycle" to form a high-standard, scalable, full-parameter monitoring and supervision network to ensure the absolute safety of water quality. determination.
EXPEC's solution combines mobile monitoring and AI intelligent detection applications to establish emergency response mechanisms and capabilities for drinking water quality emergencies to ensure the safety of public drinking water quality.
At the same time as the exchange meeting, EXPEC Technology's series of high-end water quality monitoring and analysis instruments were fully displayed. EXPEC Technology takes the laboratory's high-end mass spectrometry technology platform as the core and has developed ICP-MS, LC-MS, GC-MS, and other series through the accumulation of multiple technology platforms. High-end mass spectrometry products, and working together with mobile laboratories and fully automated laboratories to achieve innovation and application in the field of water quality monitoring.
EXPEC's analytical instruments have been highly recognized by the expert team, as well as EXPEC's technology platform and industrial innovation application capabilities.
EXPEC perfectly combines the automatic water quality indicator analyzer developed by industry standards with fully automatic analysis technology to achieve high-precision, full-process automated detection and intelligent management of water quality!
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